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He rests all the winter long

Beneath an icy cap of snow

Silently he keeps watch

Over all the slumbering creatures

Burrowed beneath his sheltering thatch


Spring melt wakes his green grasses

All over his round old top

Bright colored flowers greet

Young creatures on their first days

Atop the sleepy old bluff


Summer days are greeted by sparkling rain drops

Birds bath in his tiny streams

Dancing along on their journey to the sea

Curious bees visit each flower

While the sleepy old bluff dozes


Twilight shows many curious colors

In the lavish trees, autumn has arrived

Their sweet fruit and hardy nuts

Provide a bounty for the winter burrows

And the sleepy old bluff watches over all



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Among the petals of a dying Rose

A healing force gives presence

 To a thought



Atop a frozen hill

Warming sun breaks into crystal ice

And a drop of life appears



While the delicate whisker of a mouse

Passes over one fine seed

And life remains



When all the World is in

A heralded struggle to continue

Must we destroy?



Good, will touch and sustain a heart

That yesterday melted, to drop life

Onto one tiny Rose seed

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If broken hearts can mend,
who will do the mending?
once broken
are they not more fragile,
or less so?Toward a mindful life we bend,
and who shall do the bending?
once bent
are we not inclined,
or broken low?

Afar, our aspirations rend,
wherein can we render?
Hearts will ply
and onto such as you and I
a love may grow.

Should not there be a fire,
so who will draw the light?
But still
a fire burns so bright,
or consumes our souls.

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When round in the Moon lit mist of May

Mid woods and in shadows long and gray

  Shines a twilight mist all pale and plenty

  As the  Sapphire Princess slips down her Moon gantry


To dance with her court in a fairy’s foray

And celebrate summer in advent sashay

Festooned in pasque’flower and scented trimerous

Their fairy recital resounds with a chorus


  Spry foot, hand in hand, the dancers all circle

  They ply for her favor, bedeck her in tendril

She’ll titter and wink, her suitors she’ll nuzzle

Aroused by dandelion nectar, and truffles


Whence all in such fashion attentions go absent

Inconnu might steal up to glimpse on a moment

  The petite exhibition, while cloaked in low branches

  But, concealment’s no safety at May Fairy Dances


When daylight returns, the spy cannot transient

With bark on his limbs, now a tree for a spirit

Bright days and long nights, he’ll pay for their erring

The moment was stolen, come spring he is pining


For May’s Moonlit dances and the Sapphire Princess


copyright JdSchooley


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stories thread among our heartsPerceive the air as loving stories
Where we are bound up in our mores
Conceived in moon lit sweet warm nights
Preserved on nights of pale gray ice

Cast into the mist of Winter’s regret
Delirious Summers of denials cool sweat
While warm embraces defer our woes
Cold earth shall clutch our tiny toes

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Pull back your harsh encounter
Bring not your evil pursed lips into my face
Hold fast that icy breath
You vast devouring scourge

Today I have turned my back
On your evil continence
Long have I relished the day
Upon which
Your evil
Would cease to pester my quiet foot
My naked face and weary eye

Today I embrace the hot
Pulsing, glaring fire of the tiny universe
Of my great ancestors, and swear
I am still here!
You have not killed me yet!
You bitter wind!
You frozen ground!
You white dragon of death!

Today I shed my outer layers
To lavish all my extremities
In the grand healing rays of Rah!
Sun god!
Giver of life!
Master of all that grows
And brings sweet smells
Of birth and regeneration

Now I shall dig and plant
Build and store
From the bounty of this great planet
And gird my measly existence against
One more intolerable winter


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