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Now as darkness fills my sight
There comes this final thought
Always you had been there
As if pulling the strings
My ego and my shadow

Once we had a great confabulation
An inseparable alliance against the world
There was nothing we wouldnt try
You and I, my ego and my shadow

We were an example for the unsuccessful,
Young were amazed and the old did envy
Our pluck and steady pace
Money was plenty and the girls gave way
To us, my ego my shadow and I

When I thought I held magical charm,
Good hair and tight flesh brought a wink
But the reflection soon would tell
My hold could not sustain the weight
Of us, my ego my shadow and I

For you had allowed me a falsehood
Where I needed caution, you egged me on
Never concerned for the morning after
The ultimate disaster, for after I’ve gone
There will be only you, my ego and my shadow


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