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I am well rider
Many buckets have I known
They press my feet into my toes
The windlass whirls
The rope in hand
Scratches at my cheek and nose

Echoes fill my head
When down the rocky shaft I plunge
Bursting far below, the tiny sky recedes
As black cascades and icy numb
The bubbles churn
Against my ears like drums

I am well rider
None can know my obsession
Many times Ive dropped down in
To see and feel my cold fixation
To sink into the deep
Below, where life is in cessation

But that is where I find the eyes
Long forgotten faces
How they hold you
Want to tell you of their stories
They have left our world
Each denied their places

I am well rider
Soon I must return
But here I found a solace
Here my ache and pain does churn
Her face and hair has bound me
My empty lungs now burn

Yet only here I see her
Her story sad and tragic
Cast, she was in shame
Taken by a lovers anger
Her only sin was loving,
A man who would not Father


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Me:   Pinch me if I’m dreaming, but you don’t seem to be

        doing so many Big World Events, Like in the Bible.

God: Hummm…

Me:  You know, like parting the sea or huge plagues and

        the like. Exciting stuff like the Great Flood and Tower of

        Babel type retribution events.

God: Well yes….

Me:  See, I know many examples of whole nations gone

        awry, vast groups of people who seem to defie the life

        style which were exampled in your teachings.

God: That’s so…. would you pass the marmalade?

Me:   Well I thought you might be thinking about doing one

        of those great apocalyptic deals again, to show your disgust.

God: Well I just can’t do floods again. That thing in

        New Orleans, not my fault, you really can’t save a sinner

        once you have drowned em.  Pause. . . . .

        Your coffee is cold…there it’s hot again.

        Pause. . . . . Ahh, an image on toast?

Me:   That didn’t impress anyone. The face on Mars had

        great potential, something like that…

God: I’ll take it up with the Big Events Committee,

        run it up the pole, K?

Me:   Right, sounds good. Oh yeah, those pajamas were a gift…

God: I know.. I’ll drop them in the mail. Thanks for breakfast,

         be seein’ ya!

Me:   Say “Hi” to your mom for me. . . .

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