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Today I dreamt of your ruby lips
Today you held my longing heart
Today we stole a languid kiss

Tonight I give my mysterious life
Tonight you make an undying vow
Tonight we share a seditious wish

Tomorrow I’ll affirm your fantastic touch
Tomorrow you’ll taste my abjured soul
Tomorrow we’ll face the dark abyss


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If broken hearts can mend,
who will do the mending?
once broken
are they not more fragile,
or less so?Toward a mindful life we bend,
and who shall do the bending?
once bent
are we not inclined,
or broken low?

Afar, our aspirations rend,
wherein can we render?
Hearts will ply
and onto such as you and I
a love may grow.

Should not there be a fire,
so who will draw the light?
But still
a fire burns so bright,
or consumes our souls.

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