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My letter to your heart

By JdSchooley  
You must tell me what flower you wish for me to plant.
If your love is true, it will bloom in your absence.

There are not so many things that I can give to you,
but those that I can are enough, if you truly care for our love.

Though my nights are your days we come around,
like your star, one day and one night, and repeatedly thus.

When the star I have chosen for you hangs above your pillow,
you will see what I have wished for us.

On the right day, the things you want shall be yours, if it is to be,
and you have not over wished your star.

In my heart is a big hurt that needs to be filled with a special force,
I hope that it can be you.

Be certain you have chosen well in your mind and not just in your heart,
for if your pain is too great, any choice may do, for a while.

There are not so many things that I can give to you,
but those that I can are enough, if you truly love.
and flowers choose to bloom.



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By JdSchooley on 06/05/2009  
 Hey baby!
Check out my strong verbs!
Dig my quotation marks, they’re loaded with detailed jargon.
Say, you have some great exclamation points,
Can I be your indirect object?

You may accuse me of using crude superlatives, suffice it to say,
My language is unbiased and suitable for all ears and eyes.
See, I was just eliminating some unwanted sentence fragments,
When I noticed your lovely semicolons.
Yeah! Real hot topics!

What’cha say we experiment with a little revision
Over a couple of dry clichés, like the italics do?
They’re so romantic, those italics, with their titillating foreign accents
Maybe I’ll let you punctuate my colon as a mark of introduction
But only for money, fame, or power.

I won’t capitalize on that other stuff
Really, I have only one question mark for you
I hope you didn’t misplace your modifier
Or were you gunn’a split with an infinitive?
Cuz, I really think we could make beautiful musical lyrics together

Well don’t mind my obvious dangling participial, parenthetically,
I’m just running on in search of a proper period, so stop me first
If you can’t locate my specific modifier
See, I’ve been outlining you,
Ever since my passive voice took note of your documented form

So if I said you had a great body of work
Would you hold it against me as a pretentious redundancy, please?


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Catnip Glen

By JdSchooley on 05/18/2009  
With May tall grass that wets my shin
I search the grounds at Catnip Glen
Finding asparagus, now and then
Old lilacs bloom for none this day
Save starlings and the deer that lay
Beneath the elms where grasses sway
And hawthorns pull my hat again
By harvest corn will fill the bin
That lonely stands at Catnip Glen

A rusted gate where vines now spin
Wet clothes no longer hug the wind
That echoed sounds of past children
No pictures more, out on the lawn
Of birthday parties now long gone
Summers, Winters, endless dawns
And sunsets, who’d have thought they’d end?
Say, who knows where the plows have been
That should have turned old Catnip Glen?

My cats will notice where I’ve been
But I’ve no notion who lived in
The house they burned, with barn and pin
I pick the roadside spears so grand
Their memories evidence of land
That out produced it’s garden stand
For corn and soy, no horse or hen
To stride the grounds on Catnip Glen
While trees confer, remember when?


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Moon Song

By JdSchooley on 06/06/2009  
Visualize light containing sound
Such that the shimmering ripples on the midnight pond
Chuckles to the night hawk and gossips with the owl
About our evenings on the shore

Imagine that fire flies are glorified beacons
Consummate mating rituals of iridescent flight
Sung to the tune of ‘Come on baby, Light my fire’
For our psychic eyes and prescient ears

Suppose that in the darkest night
Our love song can light up the nocturnal sky like an aurora
Such, that when the Moon rises
We hear a jubilant chorus of scintillating blue tones

Listen, on the darkest night to the smallest stars
Harmonizing with our Moon Song chorus
Bouncing back at the speed of love
To all the Universe, the vibrant song of our love light


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Love’s Dark Goodbye

By JdSchooley on 05/25/2009  
Last night my walls were tissue thin
There hung a vale of starry skies
The years dissolved, your smile slipped in
My heart repeats an aural delight
Our words, anew, infeasible shy

We dismiss the words, our eyes reply
A thousand angels chant your name
You hold my hand, I melt inside
Novas shower through my veins
While thoughts exalt, our voices tame

How shall I ever avow your heart
When dreams are all that we now share
In nights demur we always part
A tragic love I shan’t compare
How could you leave me in the dark?

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